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Technical Documents

GN01 - Guidance Notes Index
GN02 - Barricade Construction Monostrand
GN03 - Safe Stressing Monostrand Post-Tensioning
GN04 - Safe Stressing Multi Strand System
GN05 - Monostrand Post-Tensioning of Concrete Buildings
GN06 - Post Cut Holes through PT Slabs
Penetrations in Post-tensioned Slabs
Penetrations in Post-tensioned Slabs - Appendix A
Post-tensioning in Building Structures
Practical Prestress Detailing
Slab System Concrete Requirements for Early Age Stressing
Standard Slab System Helical Anchorage Reinforcement
Watertight Concrete Specification

PTIA Presentations

Bridge Construction Methods
Cable Stays Eleanor Schonell Bridge (Green Bridge)
Collaboration and Innovation in a Post-tensioned Waffle Slab
Current Trends in Post-tensioned Building Design
D&C Post-Tensioned Projects - Design for
D&C Post-Tensioned Projects - Tendering & Contractual Relationships
D&C Post-Tensioned Projects - The Consultant's View
D&C Post-Tensioned Projects - The Specialist Contractor's View
D&C PT Contractor's Role & Responsibilities
Gateway Bridge Upgrade Project
Heavy Duty Industrial Slabs & Pavements
Heavy Lifting
Large Span Column Free PT Roof Structures
The ACRS Certification Scheme Presented at Forum 17 Nov 2015
The Use of Post-tensioning in Marine Structures
Truncation of Post-Tensioned Tendons
Watertight Roof Slabs - Guidelines & General Principles
Welcome - Latest Developments in Post-tensioned Structures
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