about the PTIA

The PTIA has a goal of setting the highest standards in the design and construction of post-tensioning systems to create a viable industry for the benefit of members, employees and clients.

objectives of the PTIA:


To ensure that the post-tensioning contracting industry is safe, viable and competitive.


To promote high standards in design, construction and materials for post-tensioning systems, consistent with world best practice, and verified by certification of its Corporate and Associate Members.


To develop industry work standards which establish appropriate skills of employees, personal development opportunities, a safe working environment, and environmental responsibility.


To achieve ongoing technical advances in materials and systems for post-tensioning.

Our Code of Ethics All members of the PTIA are bound by our Code of Ethics and Constitution.

who the PTIA is for?

The PTIA is helping create higher standards for the post-tensioning industry to benefit everyone involved from building owners to builders to contractors to related suppliers. If you engage a PTIA member for post-tensioning work, you can be confident that they have met exacting criteria and that their skills, materials and equipment have been independently verified.

  • building owners & builders.

    Get peace of mind when you choose an accredited PTIA member for post-tensioning work, knowing that their work, materials and equipment complies with relevant Australian standards.

  • post-tensioning contractors.

    Demonstrate that your professional approach, knowledge, experience and skills are regularly assessed and verified by the only recognised industry body in Australia.

  • materials & equipment suppliers.

    If you supply materials and equipment, software or consultancy services, being an Associate PTIA member demonstrates your level of competence and provides you with preferred supplier status with PTIA contractors.

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our partners

The PTIA works with a range of local and global Partners to further our work to set high standards for the post-tensioning industry in Australia.