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Whatever the experience that first sparked your interest in post-tensioning, we are pleased that you are interested in joining us in the PTIA.

a range of memberships

Membership of the PTIA is open to organisations and individuals with an interest in post-tensioning consistent with the objectives of the PTIA. These ensure that the industry remains viable and competitive while promoting high standards in construction safety, design and materials.

There are four categories of membership, namely – Corporate, Associate, Association and Individual. Fees for membership are shown in the table below.

Category Tier Classification Annual Fee
Corporate 1 Tonnes per year >5000 $12,000
2 Tonnes per year 1000-5000 $ 8,000
3 Tonnes per year <1000 $ 4,000
Associate PT Materials Supplier $ 4,000
Other materials $ 1,000
Consulting Engineers $ 800
Other organisations $ 1,000
Association Association $ 550
Individual Individual $ 200
Student Nil

The PTIA is also committed to ongoing technical innovation alongside improving skills and environmental responsibility. PTIA members must meet criteria covering technical competence, insurance and planning, supported by independent certification verifying all criteria are met.

Corporate Contractors are encouraged to work toward or maintain CARES accreditation. This will ensure excellence in the industry and lift overall quality and safety for all.

PLATINUM (CARES accredited)

A PT Contractor who has attained CARES accreditation and meets all the membership criteria of the PTIA.

GOLD (on pathway to CARES accreditation)

A PT Contractor who meets all the PTIA membership criteria and is embarking on the pathway to CARES accreditation.


A PT Contractor who meets all the PTIA membership criteria.


A startup PT Contractor who with the guidance from the PTIA will seek to move up the membership tiers within 12 months.

  • corporate.

    For contractors directly involved in post-tensioning work, with membership level based on annual workload.


  • associate.

    For materials and equipment suppliers, consulting engineering firms and others who are involved in post-tensioning.


  • association.

    For any related or interested industry. Associations can join the PTIA with no specific membership criteria.


  • individual.

    For individuals, including students, who have an interest in the post-tensioning industry.


JOIN There is no better time to join the PTIA to help drive and strengthen the post-tensioning industry.