a partnership forged in care.

The Post-Tensioning Institute of Australia (PTIA) is proud to partner with CARES, the reinforcing steel authority of the UK and other countries.


an independent certification scheme in conjunction with CARES.



CARES is an esteemed independent, not-for-profit certification body that was established in 1983. Its primary objective is to instil confidence in the users, purchasers, and specifiers of reinforcing steel. CARES achieves this by implementing a comprehensive system of regulation, testing, and inspection. It operates in the construction industry, offering certification schemes for companies involved in producing materials, components, or providing services, primarily within the reinforced concrete sector. When clients specify CARES approved companies and products, they can be assured of compliance with relevant product or system standards, eliminating the need for additional verification testing.


A New Certification Scheme for Post-Tensioning in Australia


The PTIA have engaged CARES and introduced an innovative post-tensioning certification scheme in Australia. This scheme aims to enhance the quality and confidence in post-tensioning installation practices and products throughout the construction supply chain. Structural engineers, major contractors, clients, and key stakeholders, including the Australian steel certification body ACRS, will be actively involved in this initiative.

Lee Brankley, CEO of CARES, and James Woods, President of the PTIA, express their enthusiasm for this partnership. After two years of discussions, they are proud to present an industry-led solution that enhances confidence in product compliance and on-site installation of post-tensioned systems. By leveraging CARES’ extensive experience and impeccable reputation, the scheme provides much-needed certification and regulatory control to ensure construction is done right the first time, every time. At a time when the industry faces increased scrutiny, this collaboration promotes consistency and resists the race to the bottom observed in other areas.

The CARES APT Scheme, audited by CARES assessors, will adhere to recognised standards. Multi-stakeholder engagement is a crucial aspect of this approach, with regular involvement from clients, consultants, and contractors. CARES values its relationships with ACRS and PTIA, viewing them as integral to the success of the scheme and the betterment of the entire industry.

The scope of the new certification scheme encompasses contractors specialising in post-tensioning systems, producers of post-tensioning anchors, grout manufacturers, prestressing strand producers and stockists, as well as firms engaged in remedial grouting of post-tensioned tendons. More information on the scheme, including proposed changes to the CARES Model Specification to accommodate regional specifications and state building control requirements, will be forthcoming.

The PTIA and CARES are committed to achieving rapid improvements in construction standards across Australia through this new post-tensioning certification scheme. By ensuring compliance and promoting best practices, we aim to bolster the quality and confidence in the industry, benefitting all stakeholders involved in construction projects.