A new Board of Directors was elected by the membership at the Annual General Meeting in October 2021.

Several members actively participated in the election process. We wish to thank everyone for their engagement.

The following members make up the new eight seat Board and offices:

James Woods (james@ptia.org.au) – Silva Global                      PRESIDENT

Don Fraser (don@ptia.org.au) – Interspan                                  VICE-PRESIDENT

Albert Haddad (albert@ptia.org.au) – Crosbe                             TREASURER

Max Schweiger(max@ptia.org.au) – Individual                           SECRETARY

Tim Peters (tim@ptia.org.au) – Edge Consulting

Sander van Ameijde (sander@ptia.org.au) – Dywidag

Lance Rogers (lance@ptia.org.au) – Quantum Consulting Engineers

Andrew Ritchie (andrew@ptia.org.au) – Interspan

The Board generally sits for a two-year period. The next election will be held in October 2023.


Committee Structure:

A new rationalised committee structure was adopted in January 2022 which created three committee tiers which are itemised below:

  • Membership and Marketing.

Chair: James Woods (james@ptia.org.au) _ Silva Global

  • Technical

Chair: Tim Peters (tim@ptia.org.au) – Edge Consulting

  • Industry, Education and Training.

Chair: Sander van Ameijde (sander@ptia.org.au) – Dywidag

As with most things in life, you get out of the PTIA what you put into it, so we would invite all members to become active in our committees. This allows you to participate in the process of forming the industry and adding value back to the whole industry.

We ask members to get involved and volunteer some time and ideas to share with the committees. Please reach out to the relevant committee chair to get involved in the committee activities.



Launch of APTS Non-Highway Structures

Proposed further APTSs:

  • Highway & Civil Structures
  • Stressing Bar
  • Post tension related products