The world is currently a very uncertain place, in times like this it can feel difficult to dwell on the positives when the world is facing difficulties and some people are struggling. That said, I would like to recognise the strong effort shown by many people at the PTIA. Their continued, voluntary, contributions to our primary purpose of fostering a viable and competent industry with high standards of design and construction of post-tensioning systems – for the benefits of members, their employees, and all their clients.

If we reflect back a few years, the PTIA only had six members and was in the preliminary stages of creating a plan. We decided at that point to create and agree to a plan and to then execute it. Fast forward to today, I am proud to say, we have realised much of this vision. We set out to grow membership, add value and collaborate on a PT industry-first scheme. All of this is underpinned by our desire to nurture a sustainable PT Industry

The CARES scheme is now well underway and gaining momentum. More and more PT companies, suppliers, engineers, and builders are embracing the CARES scheme. I greatly look forward to the first key project where we hope to bring all the scheme’s key stakeholders and specifications together.

Earlier this year we formed three key committees which are headed by different board members. The committees are Technical, Membership and Marketing, and Education and Training. These committees will aim to produce valuable content for our members.

Having now grown our membership from six to over sixty the PTIA has a much more diverse membership base. We thank all our members for their continued support and particularly those who have volunteered and assist with our important committee work.

Over the course of the next few months, we will provide more updates on the roll out of our new content and training.

We are always on the lookout for members who wish to play a more active role in the PTIA, if this is something you’re interested in please contact us by emailing us at:

James Woods
President PTIA


Chief Executive Officer’s Message:

As the construction sector emerges from the last two years which has been dominated by the global COVID pandemic combined with a tragic military conflict in Europe, against this grim backdrop, I’m impressed by the resilience of the PT industry and the great achievements made by the PTIA during these unprecedented and challenging times.

In late 2019, we embarked on a transformational strategy to update and improve the PTIA. We summarise some of the highlights below.

Our broader membership continues to expand as we attract members from the contracting, design, and product supply sectors. During the last two years we’ve implement many changes and engaged with a more diverse set of stakeholders in the post-tensioning industry. This engagement has increased contact with a wider audience, including government ministers responsible for building, government departments overseeing legislation and quality as well as various industry groups who share our objectives of improving the building and construction sector.

We have rebranded and repositioned the PTIA during this process, most notably geographically by formally changing the name of the Institute to the Post-Tensioning Institute of Australasia. This reflects our engagement beyond Australia’s shores to include New Zealand and the South Pacific region. We also amended and updated the PTIA Constitution to assist the strategic development aims of the Institute as an effective industry association. We remain not-for-profit but we do seek to offer increased value to our membership by increasing industry engagement, running events, and boosting education and training.

The reorganisation of the PTIA has rationalised the new committee structure which now has three core tiers under the management of individual chairs.

It was also a great pleasure for the PTIA to award a Lifetime Membership to Max Schweiger in October 2021. This was in recognition of Max’s contributions to the PTIA as a founding member and as a long serving member of the board and as Secretary. We thank him for his contribution to the post-tensioning industry in Australia, and internationally, during the past three decades.

Our members and volunteers are the lifeblood of the PTIA. We thank all of them for their continuous effort and support.

Iain Baron