The CARES scheme has been gaining much needed momentum over the course of the last few months. The initial, UK-based, specifications were worked on collaboratively between the PTIA Technical Committee and CARES UK and have now been formalised, they are:

Appendix APT01

Quality and Operations Schedule for the Production and Supply of Prestressing Anchorages for Post-Tensioning Systems

Appendix APT03

Quality and Operations Schedule for the Production and Supply of Pre-bagged Grout Material for use in Post-Tensioning Systems

Appendix APT04

Quality and Operations Schedule for the Supply and Installation of Post-Tensioning Systems in Concrete Structures

Appendix APT05

CARES Registration Scheme for Competent Post-Tensioning Personnel

The PTIA and CARES have a strong alignment with ACRS and the CARES scheme references the ACRS specifications for strand.

“We need industry alignment” says James Woods – PTIA President.

“Without partnerships like this with local Australian likeminded and aligned organisations the scheme roll out would be a greater challenge than it already is”.

Once the specifications were finalised, CARES secured the services of Peter Tonkin, a locally based auditor.  Peter is a seasoned Post Tension professional with over 35 years’ experience. His title is Technical Officer – Post Tensioning & Lead Auditor and his mandate is to ensure Post Tensioning Contractors and PT Kit manufacturers/suppliers provide a Quality Management System that complies with the requirements of ISO9001 and the Australian Post Tensioning Scheme.

The PTIA has been actively canvassing and presenting the scheme to relevant stakeholder groups. The PTIA and CARES have both made representations to the local Government departments of most states, Austroads, consulting engineers and head contractors, as well as participating in many Concrete Institute seminars.

We have launched the status of ‘Pathway to CARES’ for companies that have commenced the journey but not yet completed it. CARES audits are in several stages. However, if the stage one audit is satisfactorily completed then companies can receive a letter from CARES stating their ‘Pathway’ status. This will allow contractors and consulting engineers to specify the scheme and its requirements without reducing the field of possible contractors.









*Applications to CARES

The next exciting stage is the first key project which will have CARES specifications, CARES approved contractors and suppliers, all backed by both the head contractors and specifying engineers. The journey continues but critical momentum is steadily building. Contractors and suppliers are currently going through the process and certifications should be issued in April.

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